Life's too short to do boring stuff.

There’re enough boring suits out there.  We fund our friends doing interesting things.  (And we have day jobs.)

What We Like

We aren’t a private equity fund.  We’re a pair of entrepreneurs building our own business.  And when we aren’t doing that, here’s where we invest our time, energy, and (a little) money.

Small Business

We left big firms to work in more human-scale businesses, where relationships matter and you don't feel like a cog in a wheel. We love the scrappy, hard-working people who build something out of nothing!

Local Government

We come at it from different angles, but we both believe you can make a real difference (good or bad) in people's lives in government. Especially the local kind that doesn't get the press.

Real Estate

In this digital world, there's something special about physical spaces. We like the well-designed kind, and the kind that just needs a little elbow grease to go from "run-down" to "full of character."


Beavis and Butthead.  Frick and Frack.  Jalando.  Jo.  O&J. 
We didn’t know what to call us either.  So we chose “Ellery”

Jalen Ross

Background: Consulting, Ops
Decision style: "Let's try"
Thinks in: PowerPoint slides

Friends say I'm: Energetic
Does best work: Wee hours
In his fridge: Wings & ice cream
Karaoke song: "All I Want for Christmas"

Orlando Remak

Background: Investing, Finance
Decision style: "Talk it out"
Thinks in: Word docs
Friends say I'm: Thoughtful
Does best work: Crack of dawn
In his fridge: Fad diet food
Karaoke song: "Piano Man"

What's in a Name?

We forged a friendship walking our bikes home—down Ellery Street—while continuing debates from class at Harvard Business School. We saw most things differently, except for the power of a good laugh. A feeling we couldn’t shake began to develop: we could take this show on the road. We knew it was time to trade in our suits for careers where we could build something to be proud of, where we’d have more skin in the game.

Our Portfolio

We’re always on the lookout for new partners in exciting industries — but here is where we’ve invested so far.

What we're building

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The CAM Collective is a network of best-in-class HOA Management companies. We specialize in helping family-owned CAM companies plan for leadership transition while protecting current employees and culture. Click the logo above to learn more.

What we're supporting

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