Career Opportunities

Many people are often unsure of what they want to do after college with so many options nowadays. It’s no surprise. The possibilities are endless; you can decide to create your own business, join an innovative tech company, continue higher education, etc. Whatever you choose, you often need experience before embarking. The problem is you could decide that you’re interested in sports management, but after interning for a summer, realize its not for you, and you’re interested in tech. Well, now you just gained experience in a field that’s not particularly relevant. It’s going to be a lot more challenging to get a position competing against people who have experience in that field, whereas you do not. It’s not exactly impossible, but it’s going to be a strenuous process.

However, there are fields where the experience you attain is applicable anywhere you go — and banking is one of them. Individuals who have a solid basis in finance can get into any industry they want to. Every business needs someone who understands the financial components and has the required skillsets to grow the company. Banking is one of the few careers that offer the opportunity to network and make contacts in various industries. This is why so many executives in a wide array of companies have a banking background. They had the connections already made to find these positions, and the necessary experience to get these positions. This is why, if you are unsure of what you want to do after college, you should consider interning at a financial institution such as Ellery Partners because the skills you will attain will be invaluable in your job search and career development.