The Ellery Experience

Working with Ellery this summer has been nothing short of an incredible experience and one I will certainly never forget. I can confidently say that I could not have imagined…

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First Month at Ellery

Looking back at my first month at Ellery I can honestly say I have enjoyed it. Specifically, meeting everyone in my internship has been great! Everyone has been polite and…

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Week 1-2 Reflection

Week 1-2: During the onboarding week, I learned to to navigate the CRM, Slack and the Google drive. There was a learning curve to Hubspot as I had never used…

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The Learning Process

From the start of my internship at Ellery Partners, I have noticed the care and attention Jalen and Orlando have put in. As my internship has progressed, I have gotten…

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Halfway. An interesting yet overlooked state. Many have and will pass it by without contemplation and reflection, like a mere right of way onto a better stage. Like everything in…

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