In college there were many dreaded group assignments given throughout the course of the semester. At the time it seemed like a way for professors to get the easy way out and give them a way to do less instructing themselves. I quickly found out this is not the case. In work, you do not see much success without a team driven environment. This is especially true when starting a new role. Starting out everyone is coming in with different levels of experience and knowledge. Where someone is weak, others may be strong. A team driven environment allows us to jump over those hurdles with ease and learn from each other. COVID-19 makes this task even more challenging. Many people are on different schedules and interacting from different time zones. This internship program is set up so teamwork is at the forefront of how we attack each task. We meet with our partners daily to discuss where we are at in terms of progress for the week, and to bring up any obstacles we may have. Each task given is meant to be approached collaboratively with our teammate. This creates an environment where idea generation flows smoothly allowing for efficient production. Whenever there is a gap in understanding, teamwork fills that gap quickly and effectively. I believe, given the current situation, we have been tested on our abilities to effectively communicate as a team. Throughout the internship so far there has been zero lack of communication besides on the team name, hence “Team with no name”. Between the experience gained and the people I have been able to work with, this internship has given me a great perspective on how important teamwork and communication is in the everyday workplace environment. Without it there would be many obstacles that seem too hard to overcome, but with teamwork anything can be achieved.