The Learning Process

From the start of my internship at Ellery Partners, I have noticed the care and attention Jalen and Orlando have put in. As my internship has progressed, I have gotten to know both Jalen and Orlando better. I’ve noticed that not only do they care about the work being done at Ellery Partners, but they really care about their interns as well. They are understanding about our school schedules yet still firm in terms of us getting our work done. It is a great balance. Having an internship during the school year can be tough. You have to find a balance between staying on top of your schoolwork and finding the time to work on your internship work. Despite this, my experience so far has been pleasant. I have to be careful with how I am managing my time, but overall, everyone is extremely supportive. During midterms, Jalen and Orlando were extremely considerate and were understanding if we fell a bit behind that week (as long as we made up for it the next week :P).

Overall, I’ve found that Jalen and Orlando have shown care that you might not experience at other companies. They are interested in getting to know us and helping us learn as well. I’ve noticed that they care about our learning throughout the course of the internship. Not only are we being provided more opportunities to evaluate companies of interest and learn about the industry, but we are also being guided on how to dig deeper and really learn about the process. Orlando has also been hosting bi-weekly Optional Sessions on Sundays where we can learn about different topics. I’ve learned about 3 Financial Statements and how they all interconnect. I’ve also learned about the Debt and Working Capital Schedule, and value creation through Mergers & Acquisitions. The sessions have been very informative and I appreciate the time Orlando has been taking to teach us about these very important concepts.

We also participated in modelling week. During this week, Jalen and Orlando had Beth teach us about Comparables and how to build a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model. Although a very content-heavy week, I can honestly say that I learned a great deal. I learned how to compare a company’s financials to that of another to determine whether a company was over or under-valued in terms of price on the stock market. As well, I learned not only how to build the DCF Model but also how to understand what it tells us about the predicted value of a company. Reflecting on what I have learned so far in my internship at Ellery, I can honestly say that I am extremely grateful to see how far I have come. I still have much to learn and I am extremely excited to see how else I progress.