The Beginning of The End

At Ellery partners I had a great experience. Coming from a background without an understanding of the financial service industry, Ellery pushed me into the deep end. The variety of activities offered throughout my internship incorporated industry analysis, company sourcing, due diligence calls, and financial modeling. I feel ready to take on the WORLD. Including this, the lack of diversity in the financial service industry initially made me uncomfortable, but Jalen and Orlando broke this barrier by supporting me through various activities. I no  longer feel alone in this industry after meeting Orlando and Jalen; working with two successful black men in this industry has granted me a massive amount of encouragement to continue my career pathway as an investment banker. 

My favorite project while working with Ellery has to be the CIM (confidential information memorandum) analysis. In this, I was analyzing the profitability of a 20m per year revenue company by going through its 40+ page document. I honestly could feel my brain throbbing by trying to wrap my noggin around what the potential pitfalls of the purchasing the company were, and its potential sustainability for long-term growth. 

Moving away from the technical aspect of the internship, I really enjoyed the camaraderie. I came into this internship thinking my bosses, Jalen and Orlando, would be unapproachable people, but they were absolutely the opposite. In the financial service industry, they tend to say everyone’s kind of uptight, but I got nothing but good vibes here. My colleagues were pretty cool!