Full Circle

Things have really started to ramp up at Ellery in the past 10 days. The work we put in during the first and second week has really started to make an impact on our search as we are busy communicating with company owners. It seems as though there is always something that can be done and always somebody who can be helped. Our teaser and CIM training have been put to the test as we start filling the deal pipeline and expanding our search.

The helpfulness of Jalen and Orlando has continued even as the process gets increasingly busy. A short message in Slack will generate a quick response from either principal. And the rest of the Intern team is responsive and almost always able to solve whatever problem you may come across. This week I came across a financial statement that I was not familiar with and, with one brief slack message, I was video calling with two interns, taking me through the process and making sure I understood. 

Orlando’s Sunday private equity sessions continue to be of great use for me as we all learn first hand how private equity firm’s function. He does not move on from explaining a concept until each intern is able to understand and explain the process. Questions are more than welcome throughout the session and we are able to choose each concept we learn about. Feedback is encouraged as we continue finding ways to strengthen each section.

Today I was provided the opportunity to listen in on a conversation with Jalen and a CEO. The conversation went super smoothly and it was cool to hear a company owner talk about his experience running a business. He was very interested in what Ellery was trying to accomplish and complemented our business model several times. That first hand call experience was one of the experiences I was looking for out of the Ellery internship. It was rewarding to see my work make a direct impact and to hear the inside of a business from the owner’s perspective. I look forward to seeing my work come full circle as the search process gets deeper and more connected.