Tales of the Pitch Competition

Coming back groggy from the July 4th weekend, the self proclaimed greatest intern team at Ellery Partners, the Ians, wanted only one thing this week–to win the weekly industry pitch off.  Last week didn’t go as expected. As we had high hopes that our previous chosen industries Laboratory services and Industrial Hemp Production would absolutely crush the other competitors…I mean colleagues. We didn’t expect the team EBITDAC to pull out all the stops in pitching Wireless Internet Service Providers. When your churn rate is so low that death is the only thing stopping people from switching service providers then you sure as heck know that your pitch can’t compete with it. But Alas! The Ians never quit.

Ian L. (don’t let the last initial fool you because he only takes W’s) racked his brain and determined Painting Services was a potential industry of interest.  At first glance, I wasn’t feeling it, but as I started to research the industry a bit more, my mind changed. High & Steady Level of Assistance, Low Volatility, Low Imports, High Profit vs. Sector…Low Capital Requirements. The list of pros goes on and on. The crazy thing about this though is that I’ve never  even imagined this industry had such a large scope. For example, everyday I drive over bridges, yet I never stopped to even think about that there was an entire sector that makes profit from just applying their protective coating.

The internship has been a wild experience not only for expanding my mindset of the variety of different industries, but by fostering my competitive nature and applying it to fun activities.