Skill Development

One of the main benefits of interning at Ellery is they hone their interns’ skillsets and prepare them for future endeavors, whether in investment banking, private equity, administration, or anything business-related. They do this through repeat practice, training courses, which provide an in-depth overview of the financials behind private equity, and self-learning. Throughout this internship, I have been able to familiarize myself with the technical jargon of the industry, learn to calculate company valuations, personalize emails to increase the chances of eliciting a response from prospective CEO’s, and overall achieve a greater understanding of the private equity world. One of the most important aspects, however, is the social engagement Ellery provides to its interns. Interns participate in weekly pitch meetings where they collaborate with their team and find niche industries with high profitability and CAGR, which they then present in front of their colleagues and bosses. This social engagement allows interns to become more comfortable and gain valuable experience in presenting in front of others and find out how to perfect their pitches, which is a necessary skill in any industry as individuals need to clearly and confidently convey their ideas and projects in any meeting if they hope to succeed.