My Time so Far

Ellery Partners’ goal is to raise funding in a single, family-owned business and secure that business owner’s legacy when they may feel like it’s time to retire from their business. Ellery is nothing like I’ve seen before. The unique process of being a Search Fund and not a large Apollo-like Private Equity Fund has more of a start-up feel and allows for learning from an innovative, entrepreneurial, and fresh perspective. At Ellery, Jalen and Orlando are focused on putting together their expertise to grow a single business. With that being said, it has to be the right one.

Since there are millions of companies out there, both private and public, it could take an eternity to identify a single company to invest in. To filter companies and to set up certain criteria to be met for the prospective company, our time as Analysts at Ellery is spent doing industry analysis, prospect research, and learning through teamwork, with many more aspects to be added on as we progress through the internship. Our individual findings are collaborated on and shared with each other at the end of the day to make sure we continue the vision of “building something.” Jalen and Orlando then give it a look and we put our research on wheels to get it rolling into next steps.

As Analysts, we partake in both a brokered deal flow process and a prospecting process. My favorite process of filtering investment-worthy companies is the brokered deal flow process. With this process, I get to combine the knowledge taking Finance classes in college with Ellery’s tactics to shed light on some cool and profitable companies. Reading executive summaries, scanning financials, and calculating growth metrics are just a few of the things we do with company teasers provided by the brokers Ellery works with.

As a rising senior, I have interned at multiple firms in the field of finance and none have come close to teaching me some of the things that I’ve learned at Ellery Partners so far. As a prospect looking to break into Investment Banking, I have already learned much about the buy-side within my first two weeks at Ellery and expect to extend that knowledge for when I transition industries. Jalen and Orlando are great at what they have going on and are extremely focused on creating a fun and learning-filled environment for us interns. I look forward to continuing to help them with the Search Fund process and ultimately find that special company.